As promised, here’s the new blog: Fatherhood2dot0.com The kind words and encouragement I’ve received over the past week have been incredible. What a humbling experience it’s been to read them. I’m excited […]

To the Moon

A view of earth from the moon, July 20 1969. Apollo 11. Nasa

Second only to the Gettysburg address for me…one of the great of American Speeches given September 12, 1962 at Rice Stadium in Houston Texas by President John F. Kennedy. Enjoy…50 years to […]

The Dog We Feed

The most eloquently stated argument against the centrally planned economies of socialism that I’ve come across is expressed by Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek.  In The Fatal Conceit: Errors in Socialism, Hayek lays out […]

On America

For every charge over Omaha Beach, there’s a My Lei. For every Apollo 11, there’s a Tuskegee Syphilis experiment. All our heroes have the same problem heroes always have. They’re people. And […]