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We’re Never Going Back

When I was seventeen I took a pretty good beating from a gang of skinheads at a high school party. 

It was one of those parties where someone’s parents were away and people from a few different groups of friends showed up. Word got out on a Friday night and the next thing we knew there was a pile of underage kids there drinking sixers they stole from their dad’s fridge. 

In the middle of it, I remember looking outside to see a half dozen guys standing over another kid I went to school with. They were taking turns kicking him. They kicked him in the head and in the face and in the gut. It looked like they were going to kill him. So, I ran out to stop it. I figured others would follow.  Continue reading “We’re Never Going Back”

This Is Us

The guts of a nation, built on an unnatural divide that’s written into our source code are out in the open for all to see in Charlottesville right now.

This is Us.

From the moment the Dutch ship, The White Lion bartered with the Jamestown settlers to repair their damaged vessel, this has been us. Continue reading “This Is Us”

Thoughts on the Google Memo

There’s a growing energy around the idea of diversity intolerance. A collective snap back, if you will, that our insistence on inclusion and political correctness is creating its own sense of intolerance—intolerance of diverse opinions. It’s a perspective to explore, I think. Because it’s clear that the level of resentment towards political correctness in many circles has driven us to a flavor of political discourse that’s not yielding particularly effective outcomes for governance. So, the notion of diversity intolerance is something to reflect on. Even debate.  Continue reading “Thoughts on the Google Memo”

The Gift of Social Capital

Last night was “back to school night” in our neighborhood, that fun time where they cram all the parents into the classroom built for third graders to meet the teacher so she can explain exactly what goes on there every day. It’s year-round summer here in Southern California. So, we’ve got year-round school in my town. The party starts in July.

The classroom itself wasn’t remarkable. The teacher seemed fine. The technology was the modern-day version of what I experienced as a kid. The little plastic chair I was crammed into hadn’t been innovated on in at least 40 years. All of it was exactly what you would expect it to be. Continue reading “The Gift of Social Capital”

Small Thoughts

Dan Pfeffer. Kevin Sullivan. Jen Psaki. Ellen Moran. Jennifer Palmeri. Anita Dunn. Nicole Wallace. Dan Bartlett. Karen Hughes.

Recognize any of those names? I don’t. If you do, you’re probably a White House wonk. But my guess is that you don’t either. Those are the ten White House Communications Directors that held the position before Donald Trump came to office. There’s been 33 of them in all since the role was founded in 1960. I’ve heard of two of them. Continue reading “Small Thoughts”

Eventually, We’re Going to Have to Do Something Hard

It’s coming. Whether we like it or not. Whether we’re smart or stupid or just plain apathetic, we’re going to have to do something really hard. Together. As a people.

I don’t know what it is. It could be war. In fact, right now it feels like it’s war that’s most likely. But it doesn’t have to be. It could be less dynamic, but still damn hard. Continue reading “Eventually, We’re Going to Have to Do Something Hard”

The Fourth Estate

The first Saturday after the 2016 election, I sat down with my kids to eat breakfast at our kitchen table. Cheerios and bacon. It was a Saturday morning dad breakfast if ever there was one. I did my best to engage them in conversation but I was a distracted. The election was on my mind. I had a few thoughts I wanted to put down and post on my then small but growing political blog. So, after they cleaned up their plates and wandered off, I opened up my laptop and took about thirty minutes to cobble together a few paragraphs that captured how I felt about the previous few days. I did a too brief once over to proof read it, hit the publish button, closed my laptop and went about my day.  Continue reading “The Fourth Estate”