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The Hard Truth

I’ve done the work on guns. I own one. I’ve fired just about every kind. I’ve packed them up in containers and hauled them around the world and spent hours lining them up and taking inventory and maintaining them. I even spent about six months walking around in a foreign country with a Sig Saur P226 strapped to me under my shirt. Continue reading “The Hard Truth”


When they knelt, what did you feel?

Did you feel anger?

Or was it pride?

Or nothing at all.

Here’s a different question: How far down on the list of emotions was curiosity?

Did you ask yourself why?

How come a man who gets paid millions of dollars to play football just knelt down in protest during his country’s national anthem? Continue reading “Why?”

The Weak State Myth

Dunbar’s Number is 150. That’s the number of people anthropologist Robin Dunbar claims we humans can maintain social relationships with based on our cognitive limits. Dunbar calculated that number from the ratio of the size of the human neocortex—the part of the brain responsible for higher thought function in mammals—to the size of the rest of our brain. Continue reading “The Weak State Myth”

The Rule of Law

America is eiight regional cultures. At least that’s what historian Colin Woodard says in his extremely relevant book American Nations: A History of Eleven Rival Regional Cultures in North AmericaEach culture was created by a region’s original settlers or those that came immediately after. All those that followed for centuries were assimilated. Continue reading “The Rule of Law”

The Coming Storm

Between 1974 and 1991, thirty nations around the world formed democratic governments where there were not democratic governments before. It was what we now call the third wave of democratization. The first wave started within a generation of American independence, as suffrage and liberal humanism took hold in Europe. The second wave was after World War II and the defeat of nationalist fascism in Europe and Asia. Today, planet earth is about 40%, democratic if you hold the standard of true liberal democracy without including democratic autocracies like Russia or Venezuela.  Continue reading “The Coming Storm”

The Loop

Matthew Gentzkow and Jesse Shapiro of the Bureau of Economic Research published a working paper a few years back on political media bias in American print newspapers. It was the kind of study that told you something you already knew but couldn’t prove before the dawn of the digital age. Continue reading “The Loop”