About Us


Sean Patrick Hughes is a writer, veteran and special needs parent. As a veteran of Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom, he served ten years on active duty and completed three deployments, receiving the Bronze Star for his service in Iraq. He’scropped-cropped-dcp_0181-5.jpga graduate of the United States Naval Academy and The University of San Diego School of Business. Today he leads high performing teams in the consumer technology industry in California. He’s a veterans advocate and Co-founder of the non-profit corporation, Care For Us, (www.care4us.org) which specializes in providing support, education and advocacy for special needs parents. Sean lives in Southern California with his wife and three sons.

The Mission

I founded chartwellwest.com in 2015 to create a place to explore rational political expression because I was frustrated with the quality and delivery methods of both mainstream and fringe or “fake” media outlets. It was, and still is, difficult to sift through the volumes of partisan content in order to find the most basic information on important issues that might help those seeking to form their own opinion do so. We’ve lost the signal in the noise.

I launched this site to help those seeking a better, non-partisan commentary, find one.

The response has been far beyond what I would have anticipated. Within the first 18 months of launch, the site generated over 1.3 million views with over a million unique visitors. We’ve gone viral.

At our core, we are followed by people who seek to understand first and react later. We’ve found a niche voicing the thoughtful vision that does the work to find ways to drive progress while still protecting our conservative roots as a people. We respect and consider all informed opinions. We appreciate principles. And we feel it’s due time that became more than a niche.

I’m concerned with the growth of anti-intellectualism in the American political discourse right now. Conversely, I’ve grown concerned at the limited depth of liberals, academics and social crusaders using tired ineffective arguments to combat it. The answer isn’t outrage. It’s better ideas expressed through more effective mediums that speak to those who’s minds need to change, not just those that agree with us.

I’m not an elite academic. I’m a veteran with three tours in Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom and I’m a Christian father and a business leader. I’m grounded by the principles my life’s experience has taught me. But I’m not blind to the truth or immune from the responsibility to seek it. And I’m on a mission to push back against those who ignore facts, data and information in service to feeding their own political confirmation and blind ambition.

We’re going to grow this site in service to delivering that message. Because I love this country and all of her people. Every kind. And we have to be better than we are now to be as great as we have been past.