The Mission


The mission of Chartwell West is objectivity.  In today’s information environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find facts, data and objective context to important events of our times that are not skewed by a predetermined agenda. We’ve lost the signal in the noise. This is a blog about social issues, politics, foreign policy or anything else that actually matters. It is not a politically motivated venue though. Its contents aim to be far too sensitive to circumstance and fact to be motivated by ideology. In the end, if we inform people of what is important and what information to consider when forming their opinions, we serve a greater good.  Enjoy Chartwell West and fear no facts.

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  1. Good for you, Sean. Glad to hear 19th company is alive and well. For your info, ’62 was causing trouble June week 1961. As firsties, the entire group had to restrict at least one weekend. They had more fun restricting than the rest of the class on liberty. We lowly plebes in ’65 referred to it as “club 19.” Keep the faith, John ’65


  2. I saw your most recent blog and it gave me hope. I am a white Democratic liberal woman. I believe both parties are too much alike. If we only communicate with those who are just like us we only further the divide.

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  3. Hands down the best post election analysis I’ve read so for. You’re a very good writer. You’ve cut through all of the mess, all of the superficial analysis, right to the heart of the matter. Fantastic. Really.


  4. Thank you for your insights, and your integrity. The work is not done. Will you consider approaching Electoral College Electors to suggest withholding their votes, in keeping with the principled actions of George W. Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and other conservative leaders who have recognized the toxicity of this candidacy?
    If you think about it and decide to participate, please send me an email.


  5. You have a great, balanced and rational conservative voice. Voices like yours are going to need to get a LOT louder in the coming months, to counter the irresponsible rhetoric unleashed over the past year, and then validated by the electorate. I wish you the best! I am Canadian, so now I’ll be watching our people deal with this aftermath, hoping that we can resist.


  6. I am a liberal Democrat, but with sufficient reservations about HRC to make my support less than wholehearted – except when considering the alternative. Your post-election message is eloquent and powerful. I can only hope it will be read by and taken to heart by those who need to hear it.


  7. Your “What Now” was really a work that gives me hope. The more I have found those who actually have minds that work outside of the messages being sold, that question and research what they hear BEFORE accepting it and sharing it, and that examine others alongside personal standards as objectively as possible, I have found a little light in the darkness–thank you!


  8. Your clarity is really a beacon. Today I re-read “What Now?” and wept about Gwen Ifill. Integrity and objectivity are lifelines. Thank You.


  9. Read your recent post. I’m a liberal Democrat who is trying to understand how we arrived at where we are. Thank you so much for well-written intelligent posts. I am excited to hear more from you.


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