We’re Moving

I’m excited to announce that I’ve moved the blog to a new platform. We’re on Substack now. It’s been a good run on WordPress for the old domain. But life is about growth…and so it’s time.

My primary reason for the shift is that Substack allows for the generation of a membership and community platform that just wasn’t supported by WordPress. It’s kind of what I tried to build a few years back but the technology just wasn’t where it needed to be. It is now. Just not on WordPress.

Substack allows for subscriptions. There will be free content. But there will also be a paid subscription for the new blog, Reasonable Essays, that will get you access to content and community you won’t have on the free side. The Chartwell West site will still be there with all the old content. So, feel free to reminisce.

I’ve made the subscription as cheap as the platform lets me. The point isn’t really the money. It’s the community.

Also…for anyone who contributed to the Kickstarter that made this whole thing possible back in 2017, just shoot me a note. You’re free for life if you want in! So…bonus there.

If you were already email subscribed to, you’re already on the free content email list. But you can also sign up for the subscription below.

You can also check out the site here:

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