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Thursday, November 12th at 7PM EST, 4 PST, I’m hosting an intimate discussion on writing political commentary with the Interintellect community.

Tickets and information available at the Interintellect HERE

From the Event Page:

Sean Patrick Hughes explores political commentary and how the current political discourse impacts our political future

For those seeking it, and many not, a stream of political punditry rolls over us through our social media streams, moment by moment. It’s portable and accessible and it never ends. This is political commentary in the information age. It’s no longer sufficient to simply consume it. A serious intellectual must do so in plain sight. Sharing is caring after all.

Somewhere, wandering through the party driven narratives, emotionally charged user generated content and blatant misinformation, there’s a signal. Finding it is no small feat. But what if you want to create your own? Dare we?

In this salon we’ll discuss the future of political commentary and how the current political discourse impacts our ability to create it.

Where does one consume the right information to develop the most informed perspectives? What motivations yield the most useful messages? What unique risks and considerations does writing about politics today involve? What happens when you’re wrong? Can one even be wrong?

Is it even possible to write political commentary with the motivation simply to inform? If not, what will and has already arrived to replace it?

These are the questions we’ll explore in this in live Zoom event. For information”

Tickets are going fast…

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  1. What is an interintelect? And why do people feel the need to use the “f” word? Is their vocabulary so limited that that is the only word that comes to mind? SAD