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  1. Well said as always. However, I would point out a few things: 1. Any attempt to use violence, or divisive/stereotyping rhetoric from anyone in the fight will do nothing to unify the masses towards the achievement of ‘a more perfect union’ 2. Protection for all under the law was achieved 50 years ago with the exception of gay marriage which was achieved more recently. We must recognize that this is not the EXACT same fight that the great MLK fought over 50 years ago which was essentially equality under the law for all. The fight is the next step which is changing hearts and minds of individuals. 3. Not everyone’s experiences, abilities, or characteristics are the same. We MUST appeal to INDIVIDUAL cases of corruption and evil to be able to root out the problems on a more mass level. Just like our judicial system ‘tries’ the individual we must work the problem at the level of the individual since #2 above has been achieved. This is changing the hearts and minds of all racists to include cops, prosecutors, judges, jurors, store owners, etc… 4. Facts trump emotions. People need to be educated on the facts and not appeal to simple emotion. I can “feel” that every time I get in the ocean a shark will attack me but that doesn’t make it imminent or even likely. Tying emotions directly to facts will allow people to have an appropriate magnitude of emotional response and allow for more productive dialogue and change.