Tyler Cowen Has a New Book

Tyler Cowen has a new book. I just pre-ordered it. (LINK)

Cowen is an economist and the Holbert C. Harris chair in the economics department of George Mason University. He’s also the host of Conversations with Tyler and co-founder of the economics blog Marginal Revolution.

They are the best podcast and blog, respectively, that I follow.

You should read/listen/follow.

Fun fact: My roommate from Annapolis, a fighter pilot in the Navy, met Cowen at a speaking engagement and texted me a picture knowing I would be jealous of his good fortune in meeting him.

I’m not sure how many times a fighter pilot brag texted a special operations vet a photo op with the Holbert C. Harris chair.

Cowen’s super power is consumption of all sensory input, (economics, history, food, travel, art, philosophy, comic books…) and curation and objective explanation of those inputs. It appears his goal is not to consume and process as much as he can but instead to consume and process all of everything. Or at least all of it that he finds interesting.

Cowen finds many things interesting.

What I find most appealing about Tyler Cowen is the hidden message within his message. The “Straussian Message” as Cowen would likely say.

Dare to be dynamic.

That self help nudge, along with exposure to the better ideas I outsource to his blog and podcast is why I follow Tyler Cowen.

Daring to do too much is not madness. It’s noble. And possible, even likely if you value it.

Dare to do too much and keep your wits.

Go buy the book.

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