Three Things for the 2020 Democratic Platform

In the next 10-12 months, Democratic presidential hopefuls will begin formally declaring their candidacy for the 2020 presidential election. They will be facing Donald Trump.

I’ll offer them two pieces of guidance. It’s worth what you pay me for it…

First, let the incumbent make the strongest case against the incumbent. The last 48 hours prove that strategy works fine. He’s a hell of a counter puncher so, tread wisely.


Have a platform that focuses on three things.

1-Improving access and affordability of healthcare. A complete overhaul of the American healthcare market is sweeping reform that’s needed and could be a departure from the muck raking we have today. If protecting Obamacare is a part of it…great. If not…fine.

2-Infrastructure spending: We need it. It creates jobs. It helps the economy. Instead of a war to lift us out of slow growth, how about V2 of the Eisenhower interstate or modernizing mass transit.

3-Education overhaul. Updating the goals/structure/markets around the industrial complex that delivers K-12 education is a century over due. And our higher education market is as bad as our healthcare market. How we fund it, what its purpose is and what 21st century education looks like are all wide open issues with no good solutions suggested.

Please don’t wait for the Russia probe to save us. Get to work on a fresh new message that can lift us out of our political nonage. Make the current administration tell you those three things are bad ideas and counter with their own.

And good luck…we could all use a change of scenery.

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  1. 100% ON THE MONEY. Literally and figuratively. Our future well-being depends most on these planks.