10 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Position on Immigration.

I’ve found the following questions helpful in sorting out my own opinions on immigration. Giving you your answers is less helpful as some are personal. But I’d encourage you to answer the personal ones honestly for yourself and do the work to find the answers to those that can be answered easily with a few informed Google searches.

1-Do you want more, less or the same level of immigration than American experiences now?

1a-Do you know how much immigration the U.S. experiences now? Hint: Click Link

2-What are the impacts of immigration on employment, GDP, and social security funding? Hint: Click Link

3-Do you believe economists or experts in general when they tell you the outcomes of their life’s work?

4-What should we do with the 11M people present in America illegally? Citizenship? Path to legal status? Deportation?

5-If your answer to 4 was “deportation”, does it matter that the deportation of 11M people will require the same or more stringent detainment, separation and relocation processes as the zero tolerance child separation policy enacted in 2018 at a scale 10,000 times over?

6-Does it bother you when an immigrant commits a crime than more than when someone born in America does? Why?

7-Why is border security important?

8-Does it matter where immigrants come from? If so, why?

9-Do you know, for certain, of anyone in your life, friend, acquaintance, co-worker, local resident etc, that is in the United States illegally?

10-How has immigration materially impacted your life?

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  1. Another well thought out piece that should provoke a lot of informed discussion. I’ll be sharing a link to this among my circles


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