What Now?

I’m not a liberal. I’m not a safe space, social crusader.

I’m not a sore loser who can’t get over the fact that Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected president. That I had to put what lukewarm support I had for a candidate behind her was a source of great frustration for me.

I am, at my very core, someone with conservative foundations.

I believe that men and women, whenever possible, should be free to live their lives without government intervention. My family and my Christian faith are the center of my life. I’ve worked with and for the toughest most dangerous people on the planet. People you’ve read books and seen movies about. I’ll never claim to be one. But I’ve proven myself useful in their presence.

I share this so you understand where and who the message I’m about to deliver comes from.

I’ve been all over this planet. And there’s a troubling observation that I’ve made on my way. It’s that mankind, when left to our own devices, does not naturally accept different people. Whether I saw Sunni and Shia in Iraq refusing to recognize the humanity of the other because of relatively nuanced differences in their common faith, or tribal warfare and genocide in sub-Saharan Africa or racial oppression and modern slavery of East Asia, the ingrained need to divide and subjugate others is ever present. In mankind’s darkest moments, the most common culprit has been that division.

For most of the last seventy thousand years, since our cognitive revolution drove us to organize, we’ve programmed ourselves to trust and support those that are similar to us. The result is that there have been frighteningly few societies in our history of which have not been separated by either race, class or gender.

Where there is one race, we make caste systems. Where lack of structure provides no castes, we too often subjugate gender. It’s as consistent across time and region as the number of our limbs or the shape of our organs.

Fifty years ago in America, we made the first real effort, at scale, in our history, to change it in a society as diverse as ours. And since then, we’ve made great but imperfect progress. The work isn’t done. But we’re further than where we were 50 years ago. When we get there and make good on the promise penned by our forefathers, it will be the greatest, rarest accomplishment in our history.

On Tuesday, we took one giant leap backward on the arc of our journey to one people. And over the last four days, I’ve been bombarded by explanations of why Donald J. Trump was just elected president. I don’t need any more. I didn’t need them in the first place.

I know why he was elected.

He was elected because the only message that matters for the American government in 2016 is a need for change. And when the alternative to that change was someone who moved into the White House when I was fifteen, (I’m 40 now) that choice was clear for some.

But it was a choice.

And the ultimate choice that was made, the one people will remember a hundred years from now, was a willingness to ignore personal decency and fair treatment towards people who are different in service to that change. That was the choice that the minority of the American electorate made. That was the choice that about a quarter of eligible American voters made.

I’m not here to argue the legitimacy of the results. And I don’t get to pick and choose whether I support democracy because of the outcomes. I won’t tell you that you are a racist or a bigot if you voted for Donald Trump. I won’t even tell you that you personally are indecent. But I will tell you what you just bought with your choice.

You bought a very vigilant, sensitive and loud American majority who will cry foul at the drop of a hat for anything that resembles attacks on those we have fought so hard for these last fifty years.

Because what you showed us with his nomination and your vote in the election, is that you can’t be trusted to do it without us.

Many of my devout conservative friends were remarkably quiet when their candidate trashed their personal values. And they were remarkably quiet when their candidate made inexcusable first hand remarks about minorities, women and disabled Americans. And they were remarkably quiet when the dark forces of white supremacists aligned themselves in support of their candidate.

I understand why. You couldn’t live with the alternative. So you rationalized out of fear that speaking up would enable it. Well, that risk is gone now. You avoided the end you couldn’t live with.

That excuse is gone.

And now it’s fair to say that tolerance of that behavior from here on can only be seen as an endorsement of it. So when there’s a KKK rally in North Carolina to celebrate the election of the candidate you support, you no longer have any excuse not to condemn it with the same uncompromising vigor that you condemned Hillary. Let’s see the memes. Let’s see the Facebook posts. Let’s see the outrage.

Perhaps the rest of America can trust you to hold the leader of our government to the change you so uncompromisingly sought. But we won’t trust you to look out for our fellow Americans who are different.

So, get ready for four years of vocal, loud, peaceful I pray, dissent. If you thought the core Trump supporters would be loud if Hillary Clinton won, what do you think is going to happen now that you’ve  marginalized a group that has much more to lose than freedom from background checks for guns and a ten percent lag in wage growth?

At stake for them, is participation in our society. And if their vocal insistence on it is something you aren’t willing to tolerate, then perhaps you might consider a different path in thirty months when you get to choose your next leader without the looming evil of Hillary excusing your choice.

You can’t point to her any more as cause.

If insistence on decent treatment of all Americans makes me a liberal in the eyes of conservatives, then maybe we should take some time to reflect on who our modern conservatives actually are. The world is watching.

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  1. I support your general point, but I must note that societies divided by race are a recent development that comes from the growth of the slave trade. Romans, for example, had no concept of race.

    • But it still remains that we are a nation divided by race, no matter where it began. We are dealing with the present and unfortunately, Donald Trump said SO many things that divided us. Does he really think he can wave a magic wand and we’ll forget all the horrible things he has said and the horrible way he lived his entire life?

      • they guy can’t even apologize for the nasty rhetoric he spewed during his campaign. He’s not even sorry. Its all so sad, an embarrassment to American values and everything this country is based on.

      • Unfortunately that magic wand works on his followers! We will have to work even harder in 3-4 years! Impeachment won’t solve things as his running mate mp will divide by religion, whiteness and gender preference.

      • Of course. Now he says he’s sorry to hear this ! He looked at the camera and said Stop it! Like it will happen. Kids at school lunch are yelling at the Mexican kids chanting ‘Build the wall, build the wall! It’s insane and I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

      • Yes, I think Donald Trump and Americans must have disregarded all the horrible things he said and demonstrated. If not, how did he get elected.

      • Yes Tom–I have learned all I could about his life, especially his adult life, as there’s a lot of information available about it. Obviously you, and far too many others, didn’t care to learn about the person your were voting for. That’s sad.

      • Trump thinks that because he believes in nothing and says anything, that everyone else is the same way. What we think is horrible is incomprehensible to him, since words have no meaning to him. So yes, he thinks we’ll forget all the things he has said.

      • Not only is he not sorry, he is trying to fool us. Softening his stance with one hand on 60-minutes ‘don’t worry I won’t stop gay marriage or break up immigrant families,’ while hiring Steve Bannon with the other hand and winking at his KKK supporters. What he is saying to them is don’t worry I am just calming down the angry liberals, so they stop protesting, but really I will do everything I promised.

      • Not because of color though, Romans imported all types of people from conquered or conquering areas. They didn’t see black or white the Romans only saw weak or strong.

      • The Romans divided by race , gender and class. Their definition of race was more than merely black and white… they regarded anyone non Roman (certainly non Italîan) as a different race. The word slave comes from the conquest and use of Slavic peoples (uncivilised sorts from North of Greece like the Thracian, Dalmatian and Dacians). They had grades of nobility (not unlike the feudal system of knights etc) and commoners and women were regarded differently under the law. Anyone below a certain status (male, landowning and from a ‘good’ family) had no formal part to play in government .Also, one needs to remember that Rome changed over its 500 plus years of influence and regional primacy.

    • Romans had no concept of race but only land-owning men could vote in the Roman Republic. If you’re thinking of democracy, that’s a Greek concept and only men born in Athens who completed military training could vote.

      • Romans had slaves… yes. But it wasn’t based on race. It was based on who lost in battle. They could have given a crap as to the race. They had them from Gaul too. Racial slavery is an American thing.

    • can you honestly say your life course or this country is better off now than 8 years ago , i cant ,unless you were in a coma ,and im not even kidding

      • Yes. And I’d say the economy is in much better shape too. I have learned new skills to adapt to a changing world, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

      • Eight years ago the economy was in free fall. The auto industry was collapsing. People were losing jobs by the 10s of thousands. The housing market was in total collapse. The fed chairman was literally dry heaving into a trash can in meetings because of the stress of the possibility of a total collapse of the American financial economy. Dude – read some books…it was a complete nightmare. Having said that, I know there are many people out there who have not felt the recovery, or even had a raise in many years, and I empathize with them. But this country as a whole is one holy hell of a lot better off now than it was eight years ago. Jeez.

      • Are you fucking kidding? Do you not remember the financial crisis that was the end of W’s term? The Dow at 8,000? Wall St derivative trading? Housing bubble? I personally am much better off than 8 years ago, but really that has little to do with Obama, as any President has little to do with the personal success if any citizen. What is it you think Trump is going to do differently to make your life better?

      • Absolutely, it is! Obama did many good things for us, not the least of which is showing the world what a thoughtful, articulate leader looks like. And I’m not even kidding.

      • Apparently YOUR not living in the same merica as the rest of us. More than 12 million are better off than they were in November 2008 when 800k people a mont were losing their jobs. If your not better off now than you were then, then SHAME on you. Pull yourself up by the boot straps and make it work bubba.

      • I graduated with a B.S. from a state university in 2010, and have seen my salary increase 50% since being hired. I have a house with a picket fence, 2 dogs from a shelter, a beautiful wife, and a beautiful daughter. I believe in the free market, and creative destruction. If I lived in Youngstown, I would’ve moved. People need to take responsibility for themselves. I love that everyone keeps saying that it’s the protestors in the streets who are scared of losing “free stuff”, when it’s actually the Trump voters living in the rust belt who refuse to move and expect Trump’s ‘guvment’ to bring back their jobs.

    • What? Are you lucid?

      “Slavery in ancient Rome played an important role in society and the economy. Besides manual labor, slaves performed many domestic services, and might be employed at highly skilled jobs and professions. Accountants and physicians were often slaves. Greek slaves in particular might be highly educated.
      Slavery in ancient Rome – Wikipedia

    • Under the Roman Empire, slavery remained a steady institution and kidnapping through piracy continued to contribute to the Roman slave supply. Augustine lamented the wide scale practice of kidnapping in North Africa in the early 5th century CE

    • From what historical reference are you basing this? On the surface it sounds like inventive nonsense developed to suit your current view of world… but I am willing to postpone dismissing your assertion until giving you a chance to deliver your source and/or credentials.

      The basis of my skepticism is centered on the well know historical fact that a slave trade long predated Roman times and was a central element within its economics and society. The concept of race was likewise fundamental… not essentially in a Darwinian sense but various stark cultural and class decisions. The Pratician classes who regularly attached their own superiority with mythological connections trying to suggest their own divinity and therefore their right to elevate themselves over those semingly beneath them.

      But as I said… I would like to know your source and creditials that compels you to make this assertion. Is there a context that you may be omitting associated with this argument?

    • Another ignorant tirade that stereotypes conservatives as racists clinging to their guns and religion. The only people paralleling the rise of the Nazis are the raging race-baiting leftists who have inflicting Kristallnacht all across America now for a week so they can install another dictator with a pen and a phone. The Deplorables have spoken and come January 20th the Deplorables will act.

      • farside2012

        The simple fact that your Breitbart-addled synapses made a connection between the recent protests and the Kristallnacht tells us all we need to know about you. One is the raw expression of grievance you frequently see in a democracy, and one is the f*cking Kristallnacht. Seriously, your brain is broken.

        Further, any “deplorable action” will be met with the unyielding resistance of people fighting for their lives. We’ll see how that turns out.

      • yeah, but anyone could become a Roman. You see this is the ingenious way the romans manage to expand their empire and implement som many peoples into their empire. Once they had invaded another people they would allow them to keep their faith en rites as long as they learnt to speak Latin, sent their men to the army and paid their taxes to Rome. Once a soldier finished his service he was given land (although far away from his country of origin; probably to hinder trained soldiers to form resistances at home) an all rights as a Citizen.

    • Nonsense. The Romans fought campaigns of annihilation against african, middle eastern, germanic and celtic cultures and religions while celebrating iberia and whole hog adopting greek. They most definitely segregated people according to race.

    • If they were (which I have seen no evidence of), they were the exception as xenophobia has been the rule rather than the exception down through time.

    • Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha gasp! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha OMG You’re Killing Me! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HachokeHa Ha Ha!

    • I just want to know. You say you are a Christian, Do you go to church? Do you pay attention when there? My Bible says “thou shalt not kill”. therefore voting for a president that supports abortion is wrong. The other point you made about yourself is you have guns, well sir guess which party wants to take them away.
      last comment I will make is that when that phone call comes in the middle of the night , that some of our troops are in trouble Trump will answer.

  2. Reblogged this on Brodoland and commented:
    I thought this was a very balanced analysis and I absolutely agree with the call to action with regard to protecting the freedoms of all people in the US.

  3. What a dumb phuck. Still doesn’t “get it.”

    Superimposing the worst fears of every left leaning cause onto the nebulous “bad guy” to serve as a focal point for their collective angst is as unrealistic as most of the “causes.”

    • Most of my friends are better off. And Obama didn’t make race an issue. His detractors did. And I believe you. Areas are worse off. I’m not dismissing your point of view. But, not everything that goes wrong is his fault anymore than everything that went right was because of Clinton. Why can’t people differentiate?

      • What? Obama didn’t make race an issue? He won an entire election in 2012 by race-baiting on the Trayvon Martin case. Romney would have destroyed him if the “A vote against Obama is a racist vote” narrative wasn’t spoon-fed to the American people by his campaign and the colluding media.

  4. Some people say Hellary is a layer and a criminal becouse emails. How about trump he has to appear in court to answer about a 13 years girl being rape and he had something to do with it, and also now he has to appear for the university and they want to postponed the trial humm who is the criminal

    • The “rape case” was a civil suit, and it has been dropped. Again. For the third time. And the University suit is a wishful thinking gambit by people who didn’t make money using Trump’s methods, which is immediately warned about on day 1.

      • Please cite your sources. FYI…only ONE rape case has been dropped–due to death threats, It also was NOT “dropped” 3 times–it was first misfiled in the wrong state, then there was an address error another time. You obviously get your “news” from right-wing articles, radio websites, FOX news, etc.. Wait until his so-called “university” trials begin because you obviously know nothing REAL about these allegations either. The only problem is that this scumbag is going to get the trials delayed because he is the president elect, which stinks. That should NOT be a legitimate excuse since these lawsuits were filed BEFORE he became president elect. But they will be. I still pray daily that they won’t be delayed though, so that he can be impeached as soon as possible. It is the only hope for our country.

      • “Rape case” eh? yeah it’s really hard to believe he could rape someone after he bragged about sexually assaulting women and his first wife (who he cheated on) said she was raped when they were married. The case also names Jeffrey Epstein who has been connected with other rape accusations. Yeah,so hard to believe. And rapists never able to make things go away when they are rich and powerful

      • We shall see how the Trump University case is adjudicated.
        Personally, I don’t see it as a battle worth fighting. The president elect will overeach or he won’t.
        We will be ready if he does.

      • Bill… THERE WAS NO MONEY to be made with the orange anus scam, except by the scammers them selves. Don’t you know HOW scams work man???

      • Please cite your source on this, as that is not what any “real” news broadcasts reported or any valid newspaper that I’ve seen.

    • The rape case appears to be suspect, and has been dropped, although one can imagine that the alleged victim is terrified. Hell, victims fail to show up in court every day because they are afraid of their boyfriend or the corner drug dealer. It is not hard to imagine her fear under the circumstances. The fraud cases are on much more solid ground, and the claims on which the fraud is based – misrepresentations regarding Trump in the selection of faculty and the development and oversight of the curriculum – seem well documented. It seems to have been the classic con that many others have run: a get rich quick scheme run at the Ramada out by the Interstate that takes your money and leaves you with zilch you couldn’t have found online. Except for the name behind the con. People would rather be screwed than believe that have been screwed. And every con man knows it.

  5. Amazingly well written. When others (myself included) are reduced to emotional hysteria and preparing psychologically and perhaps materially for an actual civil war (or, like myself, just putting ourf houses on the market and getting ready to leave before the first shots ring out!), THIS guy is actually able to articulate things in a calm,sensible, rational manner. Sir, you are a FAR better man than I and many others are, and I freely admit it!

  6. It wasn’t about change…it was that you called about 60 million people who didn’t agree with you deplorable and racists. Even now, those who supported hillary can’t help themselves. If there was just a modicum of outreach to people who didn’t agree with her in the first instance, she’d be president.

      • Why did Hillary lose? Protracted Perfidy Precluded Presidential Possibilities.Or Sleazy Sedition Sidelined Saul Alinsky’s Slimy Schemes. New world Order Won’t Wither Our Will. Relax. Maybe he’ll actually turn out to be a good President.

      • “Anonymous
        November 14, 2016, at 7:31 pm
        You do realize that the expression “calling a spade a spade” is racist, don’t you?”

        LOL only in your white Liberal guilt view of life.

        The idiom originates in the classical Greek of Plutarch’s Apophthegmata Laconica, and was introduced into the English language in 1542 in Nicolas Udall’s translation of the Apophthegmes, where Erasmus had seemingly replaced Plutarch’s images of “trough” and “fig” with the more familiar “spade.” The idiom has appeared in many literary and popular works, including those of Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens, W. Somerset Maugham, and Jonathan Swift.

        Nice try, though. A for effort. Well no strike that F for not making any effort to research your misinformed understanding of the phrase.

    • Yes, i agree and also; I recall recently Hillary said she would represent all of the people so doesn’t that mean that she would have represented the KKK? If the KKK is celebrating Donald Trump, that does not mean that he necessarily enjoys their views. Why all of a sudden is Donald Trump considered a rapist and racist, when before this campaign no one ever characterized him this way?

      • Because of the campaign he ran condemning Muslims and Latinos and things that came out during the campaign, such as many groping accusations.

      • But they did! He paid off several women who had to agree as part of the settlement never to talk about it publicly, which is often used in legal agreements. He was also fined for discrimination regarding the rental of his apartments (I believe more than just once, but can’t remember how many times offhand). This information has been available and known for years! It’s a shame that obviously not many people did their homework before going to the polls. Also, you also probably didn’t know that the co-author of his book, “the Art of the Deal” did an interview during the campaign apologizing for participating in what he said was a mostly “fictional” book. He thought when he helped write it that he was participating in something harmless–he never dreamed Trump would ever be interested in politics and running for president.

        As far as the KKK, Trump did NOT denounce their, or the other racist groups’, endorsements. I can’t believe I have to explain this, but when a candidate says they will represent all of the people, they are referring to people of all “parties”–NOT to racists and/or other hate groups.

      • Are you fucking kidding? Do you not remember the financial crisis that was the end of W’s term? The Dow at 8,000? Wall St derivative trading? Housing bubble? I personally am much better off than 8 years ago, but really that has little to do with Obama, as any President has little to do with the personal success if any citizen. What is it you think Trump is going to do differently to make your life better?

  7. As someone who would not have been a Hillary supporter except in the context of this particular race, I can relate to some of what you’ve said. I can especially appreciate your demand to see some outrage from the self-professed devout. Silence, in this case, IS the unforgivable sin.

    “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Martin Luther King Jr

    • Thank you! I continue to read comments that we are not divided by hate that we refuse to listen or accept that we may be wrong. The 300 hate crimes in 5 days as well as the public celebrations of hate groups go ignored. They say we are cry babies and don’t care that this election has completely changed my family’s life. My son has had racial slurs yelled at him at college and worse can happen and I can’t protect him. My husband has served in the army for two decades and we are going to be stationed in Alabama where even though we bought a home I can’t let my 3 year old play outside in fear she will be target practice. Where there has been numerous racial incidents in the school district coming from the children and the staff. My family has made sacrifices for this country’s freedom just to be prisoners in our home so that we can be safe. So thank you for understanding.

      • Hate crimes and rudeness existed before Trump started running for president. I’m not saying he doesn’t encourage it, just that it is not clear that every single incident is a result of Trump. That said, I am so angry that people are treating your family that way! I hope articles like this one will motivate people on both sides to actively and loudly reject racism and bigotry.

  8. Perhaps the liberals should have screamed and shouted when someone the right could not conceive as president, rigged the Democratic primary process instead of getting in line to endorse the results

    • Liberals got in line to endorse the results?? That’s the opposite of what happened. She lost millions of votes because of that.

    • Dt
      Tell the truth. Would you have voted for Bernie?
      There is a though bubble developing amoungts disatafied voters who pulled the lever for trump that HRC supporters should share responsibility for President elects victory.
      I understand the argument. It’s pretty twisted but I understand it.
      I beg to differ. This isn’t a honerable escape hatch for those ,who, for what ever reason, cast their vote for T. Man up as they say.

    • Yep, there’s that “rigged” claim again. Ya know, the baseless one they trot out only when it suits their Orwellian narrative. On November 7, the election was rigged from top to bottom. On November 9, it was a “fair and open.” Facts don’t matter, only power.

  9. If you have 10 people left on the planet they will find out someway to divide themselves into 2-4 groups and decide they are better than “those people”

    “What people?” you ask?

    It doesn’t matter… they will sort it out when they find out who the other people are… but there will be a reason they are better than “those people”. Maybe they like the Steelers and someone else likes the Bengals… it doesn’t matter… THERE WILL BE A REASON.

    Animals do it too.. they have packs. Mentally we are not as superior to animals than people think….

  10. I love the way this was articulated with no expletives! With respect to “differences”, some might be interested in listening to the 2016 Reith lectures, four of them,- on Creed, Country, Colour, and Culture, by philosopher, Kwame Anthony Appiah, and available on BBC Radio 4 iPlayer.

  11. Alt-Right is not a conservative, it’s a “Celtic sun rising” movement on the front of it “make whites great again” but on the backside a corporate takeover of our government. They always do this.

    • By “they,” do you mean the Alt Right? The Celtic Sun Rising” movement? And the two are the same group/people? (This is a serious question. It’s something I know nothing about.)

  12. You are, in fact, a liberal. You’re just not on the left. These things are not synonyms, nor are liberal and conservative antonyms.

  13. I’m not a bigot or rasict I voted for trump because of Hillary. Her being pres would just be the same as Obama. So crybabies need to get over it and trust our president. He hasn’t even been president yet he is being ridiculed

    • Apparently you didn’t even bother to read the blog that you’re replying to, because the author addresses exactly what you’re saying.

      Hillary is done. Retired. Out of the picture. She will never ever be President. There is no value in complaining about her any more.

      Trump will be President. He has done and said a LOT of things that are not decent, not conservative, and not Christian. If he continues to do that now, will you protest against Trump’s wrongdoing just like you do against Hillary? Or will you allow bigotry as long as it’s “your guy” that’s doing it?

    • He insulted entire swaths of our population. He actively incited violence against people who disagreed with him. He proposes dismantling the Fourth Estate, or at least restricting their right to criticize him. He has invited white supremacists to advise and lead his government. He apparently intends to implement state-sponsored religious discrimination. I’m not making these things up; they’re all from his own words. If ever there was a president who didn’t deserve our trust, it’s this one. I know it’s unpleasant to be called a racist and a bigot–it’s happened to me, and I can admit I deserved it. What is baffling to me is the level of defensiveness even among those who claim to have held their noses while they voted for Trump. To paraphrase another very articulate writer whose words I read earlier this week, “not everyone who voted for Trump is a racist. But everyone who voted for him heard him say racist things and decided it didn’t matter.” Your vote may not have been driven by racist intent, but it has racist impact, and you are now charged with the responsibility to take action against that particular effect of your vote. If you don’t, then I think the rest of us have the right to question whether you’re really a committed non-racist. Because if you’re not, then his words and proposals that are should be so abhorrent to you that you’d bend over backwards to clarify to Trump and all of your other elected officials that you voted for him because of the economy or whatever other reason you’re claiming, and not because of his racism and discrimination and cozying up to white nationalists. I just don’t understand why defensiveness (“Nuh-uh, I’m not a racist! Nuh-uh!!) is as far as it goes. If I’d felt like I had no other choice for my vote, I know damn sure I’d be doing everything I could think of to contain the damage.

    • You may not be a bigot or a racist, but you must be ok with the fact that he is…plus he violates women! Do you have a wife or a daughter or a girlfriend? Is this ok with them? Trust him? You voted for this man! Did you not understand the premise of the article?

    • He’s being ridiculed (rightly) for the words that have come out of his mouth. Sorry if it hurts his, or your, feelings… time to put the big boy pants on.

      And maybe, try to think back to what the right said about Obama before he took office. I know facts don’t matter in your world, but try to hold yourself to a higher standard just for this exercise.

  14. And yet the rioting is happening now, before he’s even inaugurated, because of, why again? No, not a peaceful dissent. But mobs who won’t accept change, even before it’s started. And the KKK is involved with Trump because…..why again? And the minorities who support him don’t want or need your protection. You said people don’t want the government in their business. Exactly! We’ve had 8 years of government over reach. We felt Hillary was going to continue down that same path. And felt our liberties were at stake. Your guns you are so proud of? She would’ve started the process of removing your right to bear arms with yet more restrictions. Trump’s words weren’t politically correct, and he spoke nonsensical hurtful words at times. But a lot of what he said resonated with the majority of people. He wasn’t a politician. That was a big factor. Hillary has lied so many times that she’s had to lie about her lies. She was being investigated by the FBI! These are actions that people were not willing to ignore. So stop acting like you’ve got to be more diligent now to protect the minority. How degrading to them. They don’t want or need your protection. Your “high on the horse” attitude is racist.

    • Another fact free screed.

      My God, make an effort. They’ve been selling you that “coming for your guns” nonsense for decades. Gee, maybe someone is making money from that propaganda.

      And Trump didn’t resonate with a “majority of people.” Despite what your bizarro news sites are telling you, Hillary will win the popular vote. Decency did, in fact, vanquish obscenity, even if the electoral college gives power to the obscene.

      Finally, nothing the author said is even remotely “high horse.” He’s concerned that many AMERICANS have been demonized because they are different and they are afraid. The likes of you seem to have no empathy whatsoever.

      Trump represents the worst of America. Your attempts to make normalize him to make yourself feel better are pathetic.

  15. Incredibly well put, by far the best I have read so far. Thank you for taking the time to write this. And as you have read some of the posts, very timely, folks are unable to truly look at themselves and see the truth, that the person they voted for is the man he clearly is regardless of the other person that ran, why I continue to ask my friends, why did you not get a better person in place to run on your behalf, do not tell me he was your man.

  16. I am 73 years old. I have seen much also in my life. I don,t want any more campaigning! I don,t want more opinions of people disgruntled by their choice losing the election. The people.have spoken. You hear! Lets be good americans and move on so we will indeed have a country to continue to live in. Give mr. trump a chance to see what he.can do. just sayin!

    • The left should just move on… of course! But when Obama was elected we saw the most vile attempts to delegitimize him for 8 solid years. As usual, there’s one rule for the left and another for the right.

      Well, Mr. 73 year old, we’re not buying what you are selling anymore. The good Americans are the ones out protesting that grotesque windbag president-elect, who incidentally got fewer votes than his opponent.

      We will not allow you to normalize the things he has said and done. We will not allow his indecency to become common in America. We will not move on. We will resist as though we’re fighting for our lives, because we are.

      Just sayin’

  17. So glad you’re hear to stand up for all Americans (besides the unborn perhaps), what would we do without the left and their uncompromising wisdom!? I can sleep at night knowing wise men like you know what’s best for the other 60,000,000 of us. Whew!

    • Such weakly crafted sarcasm. Can’t Moscow train some new sockpuppets with a better grasp of the intricacies of wordplay?

      P.S. Trump is an indecent scumbag. Even the unborn can see that.

  18. Sad to see someone begin so on-point derail as soon as he declares that he has no interest in understanding why anyone would vote a certain way then decide to explain to them why they were wrong.

    • Some shit is objectively indecent whether you like it or not. Hold yourself to a higher standard. You’ll sleep better.

  19. So the author claims “You bought a very vigilant, sensitive and loud American majority who will cry foul at the drop of a hat for anything that resembles attacks on those we have fought so hard for these last fifty years.” and last I checked, that is what we had for the past 8 years. Hard to do much worse!

    • Check again, the tinfoil on your antennae is picking up some heavy interference.

      You’ve installed an indecent nutcase to the most important office in the free world. The fact that you can’t see it demonstrates just how deeply you’ve been programmed by the upside-down world of right wing media.

      There is hope… with time and effort, even cultists can be deprogrammed.

  20. Yeah, you say youre not but you sound just like the rest of the Libs crying and complaining about the choice the now reported majority elected but you said it in a more genteel manner… same message but without the yelling wringing of hands and lamentations.

    • Not a majority… no matter how many times you say, it still won’t be true. Facts are such a bitch!

  21. Many who did not support Obama 8 years ago, received so much hatred we began to shut up. For 8 years we were called “racist”, “bigot”, etc. do you really think those of us who wanted a change were going to speak up now? We are sick of the labels that don’t describe who we are. We are tired of being told our religious views were sick and idiotic. We have learned that if we speak up we are homophobic, xenophobic, even if we had some valid point we thought was worth sharing. We, the hideous right, were put in our place and learned speaking our minds, concerns, hearts, was not worth our breath because those who laughed and ridiculed us were having the time of their lives. I did speak when disliking things Trump said and I know that no one was listening to me because they stopped hearing me long before this election.

  22. Trump has not segregated us, we have chosen that ourselves. The races, religions, and classes have always existed it’s just that some chose to capitalize on it and others don’t. If you want to be an American, you should shut up, count your blessings, and be a productive member of society instead of of sucking the life from it. Get off your knees, out of your safe place or leave.

    • How dare you tell me to shut up. I don’t want to be an American. I AM AN AMERICAN. I count my blessings every day. God has given me a good life. I have been a productive member of society my whole life. I have never been on my knees but stand straight and proud. I certainly will never leave this country because of orders from you.

      • Thank you, Carol! I worked 4 part-time jobs and washed my hair with dish soap to put myself through college. I worked the beet fields starting at 4 am in the summer. I worked full-time helping young people and giving them skills for tomorrow. I haven’t got a lazy bone in my body. My classmates, cousin and brother-in-law were in Nam. I respect them and mourn the losses. I’ve never treated anyone the way these commenters have. My opinion, my vote MATTERS as much as anyone else’s, including those who berate and criticize my choice. People need to encourage the the Millennials to be part of the process, not alienate them with criticism and insults. The “Divide and Conquer” approach is destructive.

  23. The comments are as fascinating as the column. Given that one way to view the column is that things repeat themselves, perhaps we need a reminder that these candidates aren’t so different. Pandering to their bases; facing investigation and/or court over their far reaching, shadowy finances. Spoke of uniting, while using divisive rhetoric (Trump vs. deplorables). High ranking campaign officials who are radical bigots (alt-Right, Catholic spring). Campaign promises they either never intended to keep or new they couldn’t deliver on. An almost allergic reaction to so much as a suggestion they did or said something wrong. Trump brought us a level of vulgarity and indecency in his language that hasn’t been seen in U.S. politics in more than 100 years. He lied more brazenly and more frequently. Yet these candidates were not so different from each other, at least in a checklist of sins.

  24. No, people who voted for him were well aware what he is. What people like you and the media failed to see or do is to put Hillary under the same microscope. In the end you knew what Trump was, but the real danger was Hillary’s cavalier attitude of skirting justice, which would set a dangerous precedent if she was elected. THAT ANY POLITICIAN CANOT BREAK ANY LAWS WITH DISREGARD AND PEOPLE WILL STILL BE WILLING TO ELECT YOU TO THE HIGHEST OFFICE. IT IS NOT ABOUT A STUPID SERVER!!

    1) She is a horrible human being.
    -She is an utter monster to the people who protect her, secret service. Google stories
    – She two people went on record to say she used the “N” word on two occasions referring to African Americans
    -Called mental kids retards
    2) She lies a lifetime
    -Serbian sniper?
    -Kicked of committee and her own boss called her dishonest
    -Pick any of the multitude of lies regarding her server and list goes on
    3)Not a friend to feminism
    -Intimidated rape accusers of her husband
    -Casually laughs when retelling of her criminal case of getting a child rapist a 2 month jail time
    4) Corrupt
    -Clinton foundation as a slush fund and used on $3MM Chelsea wedding
    -Solicited $91MM for charity, but gave only $4.8MM
    -Haiti, funneled business and projects to rebuild to friends
    -FORGOT to disclose that Qatar gave the foundation $1MM while she was running the state department. Had to redo 5 years of foundation taxes.
    -Whitewater scandal

    These are just some. Please put up the hypocrisy and learn the facts.

    • OK so the election is over and the candidate has been chosen …not your choice ? sorry, maybe next time…now its time for you to put on your big boy pants and do whatever you can do to make this world a better place, Donald Trump will not change how to live religiously or not, responsibly or not, respectfully or not …only you can do that ….you have chosen to brand him by the media coverage…judge not lest…..you know the verse. We gave Obama( with no experience) 8 years and we have been set back financially, security, jobs, years etc. …..I will give Trump a chance …he owes no one anything …the other parties owed the way too much to people whodo not wish our country well …but would prefer to take it over ….your words mean nothing …your actions mean everything …get involved …make this country better ….stop whining

      • When you say that Trump owes no one anything, are you simply ignoring the fact that he owes China, Russia, and Wall Street millions and millions (close to a billion) of dollars, or did you just decide that debts like that are not important? Of course, we’ll never know for sure, since he’s broken with a decades-old tradition and refused to release his tax returns.

  25. “I believe that men and women, whenever possible, should be free to live their lives without government intervention.”

    I agree with this, and I admit to some skepticism whenever I hear such a statement, because what it often translates to is “I believe that men and women should be free to live their lives without government intervention unless they’re doing something I disagree with, in which case we need some laws or Constitutional amendments to stop them from doing it.”

  26. ” My family and my Christian faith are the center of my life. I like my guns. Chances are, I’m better than you at using them. I’ve worked with and for the toughest most dangerous men on the planet-men you’ve read books about, men you’ve seen movies about. I’ll never claim to be one. But I’ve proven myself useful in their presence. I share this with you so you understand where and who the message I’m about to deliver comes from.”

    Let me tell you where my message comes from. I eat people like you for breakfast and still have room for eggs, bacon and hash browns.

    Trump’s message isn’t a message of hate. Securing the border, making sure illegals who break other laws are deported, pausing immigration from areas where terrorists are infiltrating refugee populations is a message of love.

    Separating people who want to live their lives (citizens_ from people who want to kill them and destroy their country; and from people who rape the citizens, murder the citizens, and commit other crimes against the citizens; and from people who illegally enter the country and then suck tax money from the citizens isn’t hate. It’s reasonable. Immigration isn’t supposed to be a death sentence.

  27. It’s a well articulated article, but that’s about all I can say for it. You don’t call yourself a social justice crusader, and then proceed to use the same tired arguments used to smear the President-elect for the entire campaign. You say your Christian values inform your life and you are conservative… where were you during the primaries? Because the tone of the Democrat party was as anti-Christian as it usually is. Were you calling for fairness to Bernie Sanders? Who was your candidate? We had over 20 options and I refuse to believe that the 2 worst made it to the end. How could you, in good conscience, support a woman who would murder children in the womb without blinking an eye? Or leave out brothers in Benghazi without a second thought? Who demonstrated, time and again, the human capacity for corruption. And you supported her over a man who has said some mean things. Hillary’s actions are drowning out your words, as every time you accuse Trump of an -ism, the danger posed to human life from actions taken by your candidate overruled it.

    Trump is not perfect, but I have more hope for him, because my conscience would not let me vote another way.

  28. Apart from his racist, sexist, hate-filled rhetoric (which was plentiful), the thing that astonishes me is how oblivious voters are to Trump’s blankness. His responses to critics–via Twitter–were all exactly alike, and said nothing apart from a third-grade level of insult. While being interviewed, he didn’t have an answer to a question, he would merely find some crude way to demean the host. His command of the english language is weak, and his statements of policy amounted to just one thing: “I’m great!” Meanwhile, everything up to this point indicates that Trump is a standard billionaire; he will vote for whichever party he believes will make him the most money. When the ship is sinking, he takes the first lifeboat. Anyone with a lick of critical thinking skills could see the clothes had no emperor, and it’s astounding that he was able to amass a following on little more than hot air.

  29. Im not a guy who believes in the fantasy of man made god/gods or being so weak I need a gun for Protection. But you and i do have somethings incommon

  30. I’m so proud right now! I came back to follow up on replies to my comment only to find that my comment is nowhere to be found. It must have really touched a sensitive fiber to deserve such censorship. Or am I not looking in the right place? Oh man! Don’t tell me it’s still there somewhere hidden… A “find in page” didn’t work. Am I doing something wrong, or has the author really just erased with his elbow everything he wrote with his hand?

  31. Don’t forget the main divisions in America–socio-economic status and political ideology. We think it’s fine to send poor kids to run down schools with inexperienced teachers and the lowest funding. Then we blame those kids for not being successful. More than half of our racial divide is actually based on the average socioeconomic status of various ethnic groups in America. As for political ideology–we think it’s fine to spew hatred against others because of their political party. In academics and the media, if you have the wrong political leanings, you will be marginalized, not hired, not promoted, and squeezed out of your job. This divisiveness breeds more divisiveness because we insulate ourselves and unfriend people we disagree with. This partially explains the election of Donald Trump and the existence of Fox News. When a group is repeatedly silenced or marginalized, they end up becoming more isolated but more angry. This is what creates terrorists or in this case, wanting to blow up the country by electing Trump.

  32. Good writer and good writing, however, one statement in particular jumped out at me that I don’t agree with : “The result is that there have been frighteningly few societies in the history of mankind which have not been separated by either race, class or gender. Where there is one race, we make caste systems. Where lack of structure provides no castes, we subjugate gender.” – He has set up the premise in this statement that men instinctively seek to subjugate others by nature – completely missing human nature. Mankind does not seek to suppress others, broadly speaking, but to elevate oneself through an excess of self-love that puts us in competition with all others who also love their own interests too much. I know of one society /religion who relies on Caste systems (though there are likely more), it is not the norm worldwide. Yes, we have class separation in America through financial disparity, but not by design – a big difference. Women are not a victims of last resort for man’s abuse, but partners and co-creators of life and families to men in the western world. We do not seek to rule “our women”, but celebrate the uniqueness of womanhood. Are women abused in our society, of course, and it is just as likely to be done by a liberal as a conservative. My conservative values tell me that all of mankind was made from “one blood” ( https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Acts%2017:25-27&version=NKJV ) – and we are ALL therefore brothers and sisters. My conservative values teach me to fight for those who can’t stand on their own, lift up the downtrodden, and to forgive those that use me spitefully or slander without cause. Conservatives did not allow an evil thing to happen to the minorities of America in the name of political convenience – most conservatives I know strongly felt and feel yet that Hillary has a record of abuse of power that has a direct link to the “blighted communities” of America – her personal ethics in office and her willingness to say anything to win while her own and many other liberal policies have essentially re-enslaved minority communities in cycles of poverty and self abuse across our nation, while impoverishing many others. I know these are strong words, but they are not meant to be offensive no matter how they might offend. This differing world view is a crack across America, and I am sad for that. I am sad that so many can look at the same situations and come away with completely differing explanations of how such things come to be.

  33. Does anyone here remember how Hillary Clinton treated the women who accused her husband of sexual assault? We all picked which candidate was less destructive. Neither was the ideal president for this nation.

  34. I just wanted to say thank you for your article. You put into words what I have been feeling since last Tuesday much better than I could, and also without much of the emotion I am still feeling. So thank you. From a Liberal, who voted for Hillary Clinton because I really believed in her and her vision for this country.

  35. Sean, any chance we can convince you to run for office? I don’t *always* agree with you, but you always bring new insight and a clear voice to every argument. Even when you don’t persuade me, you always make me challenge my views and gain more respect for your viewpoint.

  36. This blog is so sensational. You narrate as though you are a famous historian, world renoun cultural anthropology expert or a recipient of a friggen nobel peace prize. You understand so well the motivations, feelings and struggles of your liberal friends, which you claim not to be affiliated with but little about the opposite. The flavor of your context includes justifying the violent acts against people, property and democracy catalyzed by an extremist view aimed at no particular enemy nor ideals: You know not our ideas because you won’t listen, respect nor acknowledge the concerns of a geopolitical movement making up 95% of this country. If the non-deplorables want peace, prosperity and equal rights: Quit burning crap, go back to work, help us battle against the corrupt government establishment that is drowning their ethics and morales in money and power while the hard working American gets striped of our rights, deceived and sold up the river. This article is dangerous; it elicits fear in the hearts and minds of uneducated(on the topic)individuals who have no will to think for themselves. Be more responsible.