The Last Call for the Conservative

There’s a critical purpose for a true conservative voice in government.  And it’s in danger of being lost right now. We’ve got a day left before our country takes the fork in the road down a dark and dangerous interpretation of the sweet simple art of conservatism. And the path back is not usually a straight line.  So on the eve of our departure, I’d like  to pay homage one last time, to let true conservatives know, that they have a place, and a voice. And the rest of us will welcome the day it returns. Until then, I’ll leave you with this.

Progress is a violent, messy business when it comes to the governing of man. We bounce from periods of stagnation to regression on to rapid leaps forward. And like a storm front rolling over the plains, the pent up energy of human potential leaps forward with dynamic consequence. Though some may desire that progress march forward unencumbered by resistance, lubricated by the ideals of equality and charity, most of us desire a conservative check.  If for no other reason, just to keep us honest.

That is the point of conservatism. To ensure that progress is well thought out and organized-not halted. To ensure healthy skepticism is applied to those times when progress can only be ushered in by government intervention-not disavowed at all costs. To ensure that things that are new and different are all not uniformly assumed to be in the best interest of America but instead held to the standard our forefathers sought. That our government necessity existed in as much as it was required to ensure our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. That all people are to be assumed good and equal and have the right to be left alone by government and their neighbor if they so choose-even if they are different.  This is the heart that beats inside of true conservative America. And it’s weakened right now by a dark movement.

I know for many good Americans, life has been hard these last 15 years. 9/11 happened on my first deployment overseas in the Navy. I’ve felt the very real pain. Since then, my family has endured financial hardship, a never ending war and a job market that doesn’t look anything like it did twenty years ago when I was trained with the skills I thought I was going to use in my career. I won’t lie to them and tell them everything is all right. It’s not. And I don’t know what the answer is to fix it. But I do know what it isn’t.

It’s not the garbage that Donald Trump is packaging up and selling. We need strong, real, conservative Americans right now, maybe more then we ever have. People this dark movement of fake conservatism refers to as “establishment”. Perhaps it’s a fair term.  They’ve established the conservative foundation of the greatest country on earth.  The accomplishments of the new breed have been division, hatred and weakness. No more.

Tomorrow, after Candidate Trump wins most of the delegates in the 11 states in contention, you have a choice. You conservative leaders and supporters- you have a choice.  You have a choice to line up with the weak and weary followers of your party, who have yielded to the voice of an angry few in fear of negative personal outcomes. Or you can draw a line, collectively and ensure this goes no further for all history to remember. If you aren’t in second place of the presidential race, drop out.  When you drop out, support who is. If you are a Republican office holder, openly declare that you will not support the Republican nominee if it is Donald Trump. If you are anyone else, don’t let anyone anywhere normalize discussion of Trump’s candidacy. Stomp it out anywhere. Do not rely on Democrats or independents to stop it. The cost to your party will be too much. The line is here. This goes no further.

History will remember those who stand up.   Men and women have sacrificed more than the potential favor of an elected president to ensure far less harmful things have happened to this nation. And I for one, will miss the conservative voice in our national discourse.  Because if you let that light go out, the light of Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Reagan-the light of countless hard working good conservative Americans that have built and defended this country to their dying breath, that light is going to be off for a long time. And all of us, progressives, moderates and conservatives alike, will be worse off for it.  History will long remember what happens in the hours days and weeks after tomorrow.   What side will it see you on?

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  1. As a self described liberal I completely agree. Trump could well be the death knell of the Republican Party. It’s beyond time for some rational and actual discourse. If you help turn this around, more power to you. We may adamantly disagree about issues but hopefully WE can create some civility and compromise once again. Thank you for this article.