We Are Better Than This

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We are better than this.

It doesn’t feel like it right now but we are.

History says we are.

We come from those who forfeited membership in the most powerful empire the world has ever seen because we refused to be ruled without representation.

We are the children of courageous immigrants who risked all that was normal and familiar for the hope of something better.

We are the children of a nation that sacrificed a generation of its people and its economy to rid the modern world of the scourge of slavery.

We come from those who survived the horrors of centuries of bondage.

We come from the creators of industry who connected the world through locomotion and defied the laws of nature by defeating gravity and ushering in the age of human flight.

We are the liberators of the world whose victory in the greatest struggle of arms mankind has ever seen sealed the fate of those who dared threaten the freedom of our allies.

We escaped the grips of our planet, walked on the moon and returned, almost half a century ago. We spun the web of the modern information era and ushered in a new existence of all knowing consciousness.

Our nation is apologetically great. Not because of our government. Governments are necessary evils and ours is the worst, except for all the rest. We aren’t great because of our military.  For the first 140 years of our existence, our standing army was ill equipped to defend our borders against the slightest attack, relying on great oceans and friendly neighbors for our sovereignty.

We aren’t great because of our freedom. Freedom isn’t our’s. It’s the natural state of man, when we can manage to get out of our own way.

We are great because we are 318.9 million descendants of the haves of this world and we are better than our modern problems.

We are better than failed policies and poor governance. We are better than thinly veiled racism poorly disguised as traditional conservative values.

We are better than ineffective social programs that ride the wave of compassion and inclusion only to deliver poor outcomes and a divided nation.

We are better than our current racial tensions and we are better than the horrors that yesterday brought to the people of Charleston.

We are better; not were better, present tense. So lets remember where we came from when the sun rises on our day tomorrow morning and lets begin to act like it. We are not perfect nor should we ever strive to be. But we are great. Because its We the People that is the heart that beats in the greatest nation this world has ever known. And we’re better than this.

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